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Compensation and Classification

The "Comp & Class" section is responsible for all matters related to the development of the University System of Maryland (USM) Exempt Pay Program and maintenance of the Non-Exempt Pay Program; providing advocacy assistance for departments with job classification issues; performing departmental studies for efficient and effective organization of work; conducting position reviews and determining proper classifications; recommending titles and salary levels for associate staff positions; reviewing non-faculty contractual employment agreements; conducting market salary surveys; maintaining job class specifications and position descriptions; maintaining Non-Exempt and Exempt job titles and pay ranges; monitoring adherence to min/max salary levels within ranges; and maintaining acting capacity records.

USM Non-Exempt Salary Structure (Non-leap Year) Effective 7-1-2017

USM Exempt Salary Structures - Wide Salary Ranges Effective 1-8-2017

UMS Non-Exempt Job Class Specifications

Job Description Form (Exempt & Nonexempt)

Contingent Category II Contract

Contingent Category I Contract