Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Robert Gardner

Professor Emeritus
Appalachian Laboratory
Landscape ecology, modeling and predicting dynamics of large ecosystems, ecological risk assessment

J. Edward Gates

Professor Emeritus
Appalachian Laboratory
Wildlife and conservation ecology and management

Rasika Gawde

Assistant Research Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Morris Marine ~ 110

Pat Glibert

Horn Point Laboratory
Phytoplankton ecology, nitrogen uptake and mineralization by plankton, primary production, photosynthesis

Michael Gonsior

Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Chemical diversity of complex dissolved organic matter in aquatic and engineered systems, disinfection by-products, photochemistry, fluorophores
Bernie Fowler Lab - 2101B

Matthew Gray

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Ecophysiology of bivalves, ecological restoration, ecosystem services, aquaculture

Jackie Grebmeier

Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Pelagic-benthic coupling, benthic community structure, marine ecosystem dynamics

Paul Gugger

Adjunct Faculty
Appalachian Laboratory
Ecological genomics, molecular ecology, phylogeography, evolutionary responses to climate change, genetic basis of adaptation, trees