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Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Mark Castro

Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Environmental science, atmospheric-biosphere interactions, impacts of land use on water quality.

Xin Chen

Assistant Research Scientist
Appalachian Laboratory

Mark Cochrane

Appalachian Laboratory
Earth systems science, wildland fire, climate change, ecology, land cover change, and remote sensing.

Emily B. Cohen

Assistant Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Animal Ecology

Eric Davidson

Appalachian Laboratory
Biogeochemistry, soil microbial ecology of C, N, and other nutrient cycles in forests/agriculture, including greenhouse gases emissions and water quality.

Cathlyn (Cat) Davis

Principal Agent
Appalachian Laboratory
Public engagement with science, citizen science, environmental education, educator professional development, education program design and evaluation.

Joely DeSimone

Assistant Research Scientist
Appalachian Laboratory
Avian migratory physiology and ecology.

Andrew J. Elmore

Appalachian Laboratory
Landscape ecology, remote sensing, spatial analysis, understanding global changes at the interface of ecology, geology, and the human sciences.

Katia Engelhardt

Associate Research Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Plant biodiversity (species and genetic), restoration ecology, wetland ecology, aquatic botany, invasion ecology and roadside grasses.