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Lorie Staver

Associate Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Environmental science, wetland ecology, restoration ecology
AREL ~ 135

Court Stevenson

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Ecology of marsh and seagrass systems, including nitrogen cycling and productivity mechanisms; effect of sea-level rise on coastal ecosystems
AREL ~ 136

Diane Stoecker

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Biological oceanography and plankton ecology, microzooplankton, mixotrophy (alternate modes of nutrition) in plankton
AREL ~ 226

Mario Tamburri

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Sustainable urban waterfronts; Environmental technologies and observing; Chemical ecology of aquatic organisms; Invasive species ecology and prevention

Jeremy Testa

Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Estuarine biogeochemistry, dissolved oxygen cycling, numerical modeling, estuarine systems ecology
Truitt - Room 127
410 326-7266
Robert Ulanowicz

Robert Ulanowicz

Professor Emeritus
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Ecological network analysis, information theory in ecology, causality in living systems, process ecology
352 378-7355

Nayani Vidyarathna

Associate Research Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Phytoplankton physiology Harmful algae and algal toxicity
AREL - 239

Lisa Wainger

Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Environmental economics, integrated ecological and economic modeling, ecosystem services, environmental restoration
Parish House - 1105

Jinhua Wang

Visiting Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory