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Environmental Statistics Collaborative

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Our center provides statistical support to students and faculty of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, as well as to external parties. 

The Environmental Statistics Collaborative is connected by modern video- and voice-communication technologies to UMCES’ state-wide laboratory network. Currently, two Ph.D.-level statisticians run the collaborative: Dong Liang, an expert in spatial sampling, local spatial model and Bayesian hierarchical model, and Slava Lyubchich, who has expertise in time series analysis, forecasting, applied statistics, and environmental modeling.

Dong Liang

Assistant research professor

Phone: 410-326-7452

Research interests: spatial statistics, spatiotemporal models, Bayesian methods, remote sensing applications to environment and health.

Slava Lyubchich

Assistant research professor

Phone: 410-326-7413

Research interests: time series analysis, forecasting, applied statistics, non-parametric inference, bootstrap, environmental modeling, random networks.