A statement from President Peter Goodwin on UMCES’ commitment to diversity

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  • Access a listing of Mental Health Resources located close to your home campus.
  • Most UMCES graduate students hold graduate assistantships through which they receive stipends and health benefits.  The policies applying to graduate assistants and to most students in UMCES are addressed here: Policy on Graduate Assistantships.

Graduate Student Council

  • UMCES Policy (III-7.11.VI.B) describes the Graduate Student Council (GSC), an organization representing UMCES graduate students, and including two representatives from each Laboratory Unit. The GSC meets on a regular basis, including an annual meeting with the Vice President for Education.
  • Graduate assistants in the University System of Maryland, including UMCES, have the right to engage labor representation under the Meet and Confer guidelines: M-C Principles and Guidelines and M-C Facts. UMCES graduate students have elected to not engage labor representation at this time.

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