Students at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science work to understand our world’s natural resources and discover solutions that improve people’s lives and the planet as whole. They monitor the impact of pollution on the Chesapeake Bay, track the migration of rockfish, and explore the impact of ocean acidification on marine life. At UMCES, a leading environmental science research and educational institution, our graduate students pursue M.S. and Ph.D. degrees through an immersive educational experience in partnership with the University System of Maryland.

Students conduct research at a network of labs across Maryland while enrolled in one of our three partner graduate programs:

UMCES’ interdisciplinary approach stands out among environmental science institutions. Our commitment to applied environmental science brings together the brightest minds to solve some of the most pressing issues in our oceans, forests and backyards.

Students begin their research the same day they begin their classes. At each of the labs, students explore their own discipline, but in the classroom find themselves working with their peers from across the different programs.

UMCES graduate students work side-by-side with the best environmental scientists in the world. Our highly regarded faculty members truly see themselves as mentors as they advise graduate students and help to shape their unique UMCES experience, from the application process through graduation day.

When prospective students apply to UMCES, they first identify a faculty member with whom they want to study. Faculty can offer advice and help applicants determine their most appropriate research area. Once in the program, students and advisors often form a close relationship, working together both inside and outside the classroom to conduct research aimed at solving today’s environmental problems.

UMCES graduates are in great demand. They work in high-level, fulfilling jobs in the public and private sectors, in research and in environmental advocacy—in a variety of fields. Our students have a track record of success whether they are employed by universities, state and federal agencies, NGOs or private industry throughout North America or across the globe.

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