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Ryan Saba Memorial Student Fellowship

Ryan Saba Annual Student Fellowship Award

Ryan in the field gathering data for water quality research. photo credit, Tom Fisher

The Ryan Saba Memorial Student Fellowship was established by his family and friends to honor and remember Ryan Saba who was a research assistant at the Horn Point Laboratory beginning in the fall of 2013. Ryan died tragically in an automobile accident near the campus on July 13, 2014. He was well regarded by the Horn Point community as a friend and colleague.

His family and friends hope that Ryan may be remembered as an example of the potential that can be realized when boundless curiosity about nature and life and a zest for making each day better than yesterday are applied to one’s passion for science.

The Ryan Saba Memorial Fund is intended to honor Ryan by supporting a Horn Point Laboratory student annually in the pursuit of his or her professional goals and dreams in the field of environmental science. It provides a fellowship grant on an annual basis. The award this year is $3,000. The annual selection of the grantee is made by the Horn Point Laboratory Education Committee. The student must be enrolled full-time. The grant is to be used for expenses that will advance the career goals of the student for the academic year.

Ryan and the family dog, Bandit.

We thank the Saba family and friends for generously supporting grad students by establishing the annual awarding of the Ryan Saba Student Fellowship. Funds from this fellowship allow for a most generous award of $3,000 to an HPL graduate students annually. Ryan was a graduate of James Madison University and worked with faculty members Tom Fisher, Elizabeth North, Jamie Pierson, and others during his year volunteering at Horn Point Laboratory. He is survived by his parents, Ellen Musante and Kevin Saba, and siblings Jake, Thomas, Timothy, Reed and Annika.

Ryan Saba Memorial Fellowship Winners

Bruna Sobrinho - 2023
Catherine Fitzgerald - 2022
Sophia Ahn - 2021
Pinky Liau- 2020
Anna Windle - 2019
Melanie Jackson - 2018
Michelle Lin - 2017
Jacqueline Tay - 2016
Jake Goodwin - 2015


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