Horn Point Laboratory

Speakers Bureau

Horn Point Laboratory has a variety of faculty conducting research that is of interest to everyone, and our lab has a list of faculty interested in presenting at community events or for civic organizations about their research. If your organization would like to have one of our faculty as a speaker for their event, please contact Carin Starr, our Community Relations Manager, at 410-221-8408 or cstarr@umces.edu.

Faculty Topic
Victoria Coles Climate Change: Predicting the Future
Jeff Cornwell Marsh Creation at Poplar Island
Tom Fisher History of Land Use and Water Quality in the Choptank Basin
Pat Glibert Nutrient Pollution and Water Quality
Matt Gray The Ecological Role of Oysters: Past, Present, and Uncertain Futures
Shannon Hood Oysters in Maryland: A Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
Sairah Malkin Mud and Microbes
Tom Malone Climate Change on Planet Ocean
William Nardin How Does Vegetation Impact Landscape Evolution?
Judy O'Neil The Rise of Slime? Human Influences on Harmful Algal Blooms
Elizabeth North Oyster Stories: New Technologies and Basic Values
Cindy Palinkas Impacts of Humans on Coastal Sedimentary Processes
Jamie Pierson Tiny, Hot, and Out of Breath: The Role of Plankton in Understanding Climate Change
Louis Plough Conservation in a Cup of Water - DNA Tools to Track Species in Chesapeake Bay
Mike Roman Research and Education Programs at Horn Point Laboratory
Larry Sanford Conowingo Dam, Susquehanna Sediments, and the Bay
Greg Silsbe Satellites and Drones: How Scientists Link Water Color to Water Quality
Court Stevenson Sea Level Rise and Marsh Loss in the Blackwater Refuge