Research Fleet

Layout & Accomodations

The R/V Rachel Carson is homeported in Solomons.


  • Cruisaire reverse cycle heating and cooling to all spaces.

Scientific Berthing

  • Berthing for up to five scientific personnel is available on board. There are four berths in a single stateroom plus one berth on the galley table settee. Linen and towels are available on board.

Shipboard Attire/Personal Items

  • Shipboard attire should be planned according to the season, weather and type of work planned.  Foul weather gear and boots are NOT provided by the vessel and should be brought aboard as necessary. Adequate warm clothing and gloves are highly recommended for cold weather operations. OPEN-TOED SHOES OR SANDALS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Moving about the vessel in bare feet is not permitted.

Galley Procedures and Meals

  • Meals will be provided during cruises according to the departure time and length of cruise as set forth in the schedule below. Breakfast will normally be continental style; lunch will be simple, light fare. In the event a cruise extends overnight at a port away from Solomons, dinner may be provided on board, or ashore at the prevailing University System of Maryland per diem rate.  Bottled water is provided for all cruises.

Meal Schedule

  • Breakfast and Lunch: Cruise must depart prior to 0700 and be of 8 hours or more in duration.
  • Dinner: Cruise must be more than 8 hours in duration and overnight in a port other than Solomons.
  • Because of crew size, it is imperative that the scientific party shares in some housekeeping chores while underway, such as putting away food and washing dishes after a meal or assisting in meal preparation.


  • On-board communications are provided by an intercom system or hand held radio. Access to the internet is available through a wireless router or USB connection to the ship’s Ethernet. Coverage is dependent upon receiving 3G cellular signals. Communications from the ship to shore is generally via cell phone. Any special communications needs should be channeled through the Master.

Alcohol Use

  • The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on board Rachel Carson.

Zero Tolerance to Drugs

  • The distribution, possession or unprescribed use of drugs or other controlled dangerous substances on R/V Rachel Carson is strictly forbidden.


  • Smoking is not permitted on board Rachel Carson.

Consumption of Shellfish

  • The consumption of shellfish caught during a cruise is not permitted on board Rachel Carson. A reasonable number of shellfish may be opened by the instructor for scientific or educational purposes only.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Firearms and sheath knives are not permitted on board.
  • The fresh water supply is limited, but is adequate if all aboard conserve, especially during showers.  Please don't stand in the shower and soak.
  • The galley dining area is also the ship's lounge.  Please keep this area neat and clean.  If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Keep your berthing area neat and clean.  Be considerate of others in your area.  If you must stay up late, enter the berthing area as quietly as possible.
  • Loud music, shouting, and other annoyances will not be tolerated aboard at any time, especially late at night when your shipmates may be resting or sleeping.
  • Keep doors and hatches closed during rough weather.
  • Shipboard equipment and winches are to be operated by the ship’s crew only.

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