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Photo of Mark Castro


Mark Castro

Associate Professor
Mark Castro
Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory

Areas of Expertise

  • Air Quality
  • Mercury Dynamics
  • Greenhouse Gas Fluxes
  • Wet and Dry Deposition
  • Watershed Budgets


  • University of Virginia, 1991, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences
  • Florida Institute of Technology, 1984, M.S., Environmental Sciences
  • Lawrence University, 1979, B.A., Geology

Regularly Offered Courses

Graduate Program Foundation Areas

Lab News

Pollution control policies effective in improving downwind air quality

Emissions controls on coal-fired power plants are making a difference in reducing exposure of mercury to people, especially in the western Maryland community. A study of air quality from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science found that levels of mercury in the air from power plant emissions dropped more than half over a 10-year period, coinciding with stricter pollution controls.