Ming Li

Ming Li
Horn Point Laboratory


Dr. Ming Li is a Professor at Horn Point Laboratory. He uses numerical models to address a wide range of oceanographic problems. His research interests span several areas of physical oceanography, including estuarine and coastal dynamics, air-sea interaction, turbulent mixing processes and internal waves. He is also actively engaged in interdisciplinary research to address complex environmental problems such as hypoxia, ocean acidification, and harmful algal blooms. A major focus of Dr. Li’s current research is the regional impact of climate change and extreme weather events on estuaries and coastal oceans.

Areas of Expertise

  • Physical oceanography
  • Coastal and estuarine dynamics
  • Regional impacts of climate change
  • Hypoxia, ocean acidification and harmful algal blooms


  • Oxford University, Ph.D., Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Hohai University, B. Eng., Fluid Mechanics

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