Appalachian Laboratory graduate students participate in recent National Park Service project

December 18, 2017

Juliet Nagel, a Ph.D. student in the Marine Estuarine and Environmental Science program, gave a presentation titled Lessons from warblers in Acadia National Park: coexistence, niches, and hypothesis-driven ecology.

Nagel gave a summary of the work of Robert MacArthur, who studied population ecology of warblers.

Annie Carew, a masters student in the Marine Estuarine and Environmental Science program, gave a summary of R.H. Whittaker's work.

Her presentation is titled "Forest Dimensions and Production of the Great Smoky Mountains."

Jake Hagedorn focused on Rocky Mountain National Park with his presentation titled, "Ecosystem Responses to Nitrogen Deposition in the Colorado Front Range."

He gave a summary of Jill Baron's work of the same title.