Mary Ann Manley honored with the UMCES Staff Excellence Award

May 18, 2023

For 36 years, Mary Ann Manley provided exemplary service to the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and Horn Point Laboratory community through her work as a Program Management Specialist in the Horn Point business office. She was a leader in demonstrating teamwork among her colleagues and her exemplary performance consistently demonstrated a high level of commitment to UMCES. Manley retired in July 2022.

Manley made her reputation as a quiet, competent, powerhouse, keeping research grant accounts in order and providing invaluable assistance to faculty, staff and students, keeping her finger on the pulse of budgetary issues, and flagging concerns in a timely manner.

“I believe that I represent our entire lab community in saying that the Horn Point Laboratory has been a better place to work because of Mary Ann’s many contributions to our mission and work environment. It is fitting that her long-standing commitment and dedication to UMCES and her many contributions are appropriately acknowledged by receipt of the UMCES Staff Excellence Award,” said former Horn Point Laboratory Director Mike Roman, who worked with Manley for more than 20 years. “Her highly competent, collegial, and supportive management of faculty grants have contributed to the success and growth of Horn Point and UMCES.”

Manley consistently demonstrated a high level of commitment and dedication in supporting Horn Point’s research programs. Colleagues noted she was conscientious and paid close attention to the many and important business and administrative details required for effective grants management. She was outstanding in her ability to retrieve, understand, and apply complex award guidelines and provided the faculty with timely and accurate grants manage reports giving. Her knowledge of the system in terms of managing grants and foreseeing deadlines and issues to be addressed on time was unparalleled over the years.

“Mary Ann was a leader in demonstrating and encouraging cooperation and teamwork among her colleagues. She was professional, kind, trustworthy, dependable and displayed outstanding work habits, skills, and leadership at all times. She was respected and appreciated by her peers and supervisors,” said her supervisor and Horn Point Laboratory Associate Director Curtis Henry.