Mike Roman to step down as Horn Point Laboratory director

October 18, 2021

After serving 20 years as director of the Horn Point Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), Professor Mike Roman has announced that he will relinquish the position by the end of the academic year and continue his ocean research as a Horn Point faculty member.

“It has been a great honor and privilege to work with the staff, students and faculty these last 20 years. Horn Point has grown in size, stature and productivity thanks to their hard work and dedication. I am proud of our increased efforts in public outreach, partnerships with other environmental groups on the Eastern Shore and development activities to provide graduate student financial support,” said Roman.

A biological oceanographer, Roman’s scientific career spans 30 years of research, and his expertise in marine ecology and biological oceanography is recognized nationally and internationally. He joined the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in 1981 and has been director of the Horn Point Laboratory since 2001.

“Dr. Roman is an exceptional researcher and colleague who has had an enormous impact on the Horn Point Laboratory and UMCES, particularly in expanding research on coastal resilience, climate change, and important species such as blue crabs and oysters,” said University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science President Peter Goodwin. “He has mentored several early career faculty to ensure their success, built a successful philanthropic program, including graduate student endowments, and recruited outstanding faculty.”

The process to select a new director has been initiated. "During the next few months I plan to continue work to increase Horn Point’s grants and contracts, raise private funds to support our graduate students, and after a new director is in place, work with them to assure a smooth transition in leadership," said Roman.