Professor Pat Glibert shares science with kids in 'Young Mind's journal

April 15, 2019

Horn Point Laboratory Professor Patricia Glibert can usually be found traveling the globe from the Chesapeake to China, studying issues related to nutrients and harmful algal blooms. In her latest project, she is sharing science with kids through a series of articles in Frontiers for Young Minds science journal.

Frontiers is a publisher of high-impact papers across many fields of science with more than 60 separate journals, each targeted toward a discipline in science, health, engineering, and social sciences. Among the portfolio is their journal for kids, Frontiers for Young Minds, which targets 8-13 year olds and features shorter articles intended to teach both core concepts and to introduce new discoveries. 

Glibert is internationally renowned in the field of marine ecological research, particularly regarding the harmful effects of algal blooms and the effects of nutrient pollution on coastal marine ecosystems, such as the Chesapeake Bay. She has written two articles for the journal so far, and plans more.

“It has been a lot of fun perusing and reading these articles, as well as writing for this age group. I can already think of a number of other topics I plan to write for this journal,” said Glibert.

A researcher at the Horn Point Laboratory since 1986, Dr. Glibert has organized and led numerous research teams and coauthored more than 140 academic publications with more than 100 collaborators. While a great deal of her work has focused on Chesapeake Bay, she has also extensively studied coastal systems in Florida, California, as well as Australia, China, Kuwait, Oman and Sweden.

As with all scientific journals, the papers that are submitted are reviewed by peers. In this case, Frontiers for Young Minds engages kids to read and review each paper before it is published. The young reviewers ask questions of the author and share what they found confusing or new and interesting. Their comments, as well as the science content, are also reviewed by editors and senior scientists.

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