Professor Rose receives Oscar E. Sette Award for Outstanding Marine Fishery Biologist

August 16, 2022

Dr. Kenny Rose,  the France-Merrick Professor in Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), Horn Point Laboratory, has been named the 2022 recipient of the American Fisheries Society’s Oscar E. Sette Award for Outstanding Marine Fishery Biologist.

Recipients are chosen by the Society’s members for demonstrating sustained excellence in marine fishery biology through research, teaching, and administration. Oscar Elton Sette (1900-1972) is acknowledged as the pioneer to integrate the scientific fields of fisheries, oceanography and meteorology.  

“Dr. Sette was way ahead of the times in doing and creating opportunities for integrative science across climate, oceanography, and fisheries,” said Rose. “He was also an innovator in collaborative team science and engaging stakeholders in actionable science for management.  All of these are now prominent in our research.”

Rose’s research centers on using mathematical and computer simulation modeling to predict and better understand fish population and food web dynamics in estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, and oceans. He has been a member of multiple steering and advisory committees providing scientific guidance and oversight at the highest levels. 

He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Fisheries Society and earned an Award of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement from the American Fisheries Society. He has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and served on more than 30 national and international advisory committees and editorial boards.

Prior to coming to UMCES in 2017, Rose was Associate Dean in the College of the Coast and Environment at Louisiana State University and a research staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

“While all recognition is nice and confirming, recognition from colleagues is also humbling.  They are the group most knowledgeable about research, teaching, and administration,” said Rose.