Growing oxygen deficient zones absorb carbon into the deep ocean

February 8, 2022
Scientists have discovered that parts of the ocean with no oxygen are more efficient at absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a key part of the Earth’s carbon cycle.

Next Generation: Amber Fandel on tracking the movement of marine mammals

January 24, 2022
"Understanding these behaviors and movements are important because it will help us manage, and hopefully protect them from, potential disturbances in the future."

Maryland releases first-of-its kind Coastal Adaptation Report Card

January 21, 2022
That first-of-its-kind Maryland coastal adaptation report card offers a snapshot of the readiness Maryland’s coastal counties for climate threats.

Next Generation: Fisheries research with Ben Frey

January 18, 2022
After working on a new way to the determine the age of fish, graduate student Ben Frey begins a Knauss Fellowship in NOAA’s National Ocean Services’ Marine Debris Program.

New study tracks microplastics in watershed

January 5, 2022
This two-year project will study the fate and transport of microplastics, providing a baseline of understanding of what kind of plastics exist in the waterway and how they move through coastal systems