The Mighty Oyster: Cover feature for Baltimore Magazine October Issue

November 24, 2021
Baltimore Magazine visited the Horn Point Lab to gain an understanding about the potential powers and challenges that the oyster faces. Explore some of HPL’s work in the Magazine’s October issue, “The Mighty Oyster: Maryland’s most weird and wonderful seafood is in the midst of a major comeback.”

Bill Boicourt, professor emeritus, shares his expertise on tides in a podcast

November 15, 2021
Listen as Wayne D. King interviews Bill Boicourt about his research and observations regarding impacts on tides in a podcast, “Tide is Shifting.”

Horn Point Lab receives a Waterfowl Chesapeake 2021 “Community in Conservation” Grant

November 15, 2021
Enhancing the Horn Point Cove Trail will help thousands of students and visitors of all ages appreciate the interconnectedness of science, education and restoration for waterfowl populations and natural landscapes.

NOAA program supports diversity in next generation of marine scientists

October 27, 2021
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will continue its two-decade commitment to support the next generation of marine scientists and researchers through the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center.

A decade of decision: Understanding climate change

October 27, 2021
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science President Peter Goodwin says there is still time to act, but we are operating in a very narrow window. He answers some basic questions about climate change and Maryland.