New research effort will consolidate tools to manage salt contamination of fresh water supplies

February 15, 2024
Project supported by an award from the NSF Convergence Accelerator.

Novel biomanufacturing process will capture carbon and bolster human health

February 12, 2024
The team's custom-built microalgae bioreactor (left) with top view (right), and creators Scott Hunsicker (left) and Greg Silsbe (right), forms an important component of the new biomanufacturing system being constructed for the Convergence Accelerator project. Credit: Elizabeth North.

Circumvent the hungry herbivores to restore ecosystems

November 29, 2023
Plant-eating snails, for example, overwhelm marsh plants as this ecosystem tries to regrow after significant drought and grazing. Photo credit: Brian Silliman, Duke University.

Science Saturday introduces local kids to the world of marine science

November 16, 2023
Designed to encourage interest in marine science careers via discovery activities, the day was run by the Society for Women in Marine Science and funded by the Maryland Sea Grant.

NOAA award funds project to help alleviate global warming

November 16, 2023
The $2M award will support an exploration of how wastewater treatment plants could help oceans mitigate climate change.