Discover hands-on science for the whole family at the Appalachian Laboratory Open House

April 6, 2012
Gear up to celebrate Earth Day with a free Open House at the Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg, on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Learn about science with hands-on experiments for the whole family, meet the scientists working in your community, and enjoy activities in a special Kids Corner. Unknown Object

Mid-Atlantic suburbs can expect an early spring thanks to the heat of the big city

March 8, 2012
Scientists used high-resolution satellite data collected over the past 25 years to look at the number days that trees have green leaves in the forests of the Mid-Atlantic. The study found that urban heat islands affected the growing season in areas within 20 miles of the city.

Tomorrow's Scientists

February 1, 2012