Report dolphin sightings with Chesapeake DolphinWatch

May 6, 2024
Researchers at UMCES' Chesapeake Biological Laboratory launched the Chesapeake DolphinWatch App in 2017 to allow people who are already enjoying the Chesapeake Bay to report sightings of dolphins, including the time, date, GPS location, number of animals observed, and pictures and video of the animals throughout the bay, creating an unprecedented observation network.

Researchers discover how biomolecules in nature are transformed into complex organic matter

April 30, 2024
UMCES Professor, Michael Gonsior, and an international team of collaborators from Linköping University in Sweden and Helmholtz Zentrum in Germany now understand how biomolecules in nature transform to yield complex organic matter found in rivers and lakes. Their study was published April 24 in Nature.

Earth’s estuaries are warming, consistent with climate change

April 8, 2024
Estuaries are critical natural environments to many marine species, so ensuring these ‘nurseries’ thrive is essential to environmental health and many local economies. Due to ongoing climate change, estuary temperatures are warming, which could negatively impact these habitats. Most estuaries, however, lack surface water temperature data, which is needed to study the sensitivity of these systems to warming water temperatures. To that end, a team of scientists at UMCES and the University of Pittsburgh developed a database for 1,060 estuaries around the world. Photo courtesy of NOAA.

NOAA award funds project to help alleviate global warming

November 16, 2023
The $2M award will support an exploration of how wastewater treatment plants could help oceans mitigate climate change.

Gray whales die-offs driven by food supply swings as a result of Arctic changing conditions

October 12, 2023
A long-term Arctic biological data set maintained by a University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) faculty member has been proven instrumental in determining the cause of a continuing series of die-offs of eastern Pacific gray whales.