Next Generation: Nicole Trenholm

December 9, 2021
In the Arctic I traced the ocean forces that melt Greenland and the Northwest Passage glaciers mostly in conjunction with the NASA Ocean Melting Greenland mission. Global impacts from the steady advances in glacial melt include sea level rise, ocean freshening and changes to nutrient availability required for biomass production and healthy fisheries.

Piasecki wins staff award

December 9, 2021
John Piasecki, Appalachian Laboratory Facilities Manager, has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Staff Excellence Award.

Building a sustainable seafood system

December 7, 2021
To feed an ever-growing world, scientists are working on sustainable ways to produce protein, and land-based aquaculture has become an increasingly viable way to build a sustainable seafood system.

The Mighty Oyster: Cover feature for Baltimore Magazine October Issue

November 24, 2021
Baltimore Magazine visited the Horn Point Lab to gain an understanding about the potential powers and challenges that the oyster faces. Explore some of HPL’s work in the Magazine’s October issue, “The Mighty Oyster: Maryland’s most weird and wonderful seafood is in the midst of a major comeback.”

Bill Boicourt, professor emeritus, shares his expertise on tides in a podcast

November 15, 2021
Listen as Wayne D. King interviews Bill Boicourt about his research and observations regarding impacts on tides in a podcast, “Tide is Shifting.”