Subrecipient Monitoring 

When a proposal includes a subaward to another organization, check FDP Expanded Clearinghouse to see if they have an organizational profile available - https://fdpclearinghouse.org/

a. If they have an organizational profile, print to PDF and include this in Cayuse.  This will include all the institutional information as well as their current rate agreement. This can be used in lieu of subrecipient commitment forms to obtain the entity-based information needed to issue the subaward and monitor the subrecipient entities.

b. If they do not have a profile, request the UMCES Subrecipient Commitment Form be completed – this will include the request for link to or copy of their F & A rate agreement.

Include the completed form and rate agreement in Cayuse as part of their subaward package.

Subaward Forms
     Subrecipient Committment Form