Press Releases

Casey Hodgkins honored with President’s Award for Outstanding Research Support

May 20, 2022
Senior Faculty Research Assistant Casey Hodgkins has been given the President’s Award for Outstanding Research Support to recognize rising above the norms of FRA research responsibilities to include unique leadership, mentorship, and service roles. She has been an integral part of a variety of projects and technical support roles during her 13 years at UMCES’ Chesapeake Biological Laboratory.

Graduate student Claire Nemes receives UMCES Student Service Award

May 13, 2022
Graduate student Claire Nemes, a Ph.D. candidate with a research focus on birds, has been awarded the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Student Service Award for a high level of engagement and service to the Appalachian Laboratory (AL), UMCES, and the broader community.

New research will help minimize impact of wind energy development on migratory birds

May 4, 2022
Researchers have found that data collected by weather radar networks could be used to reduce collisions and minimize habitat-related impacts of wind turbines on nocturnally migrating birds.

Researchers find declining nitrogen availability in a nitrogen rich world

April 15, 2022
New evidence indicates that the world is now experiencing a dual trajectory in nitrogen availability with many areas experiencing a hockey-stick shaped decline in the availability of nitrogen. In a new review paper in the journal Science, researchers have described the causes for these declines and the consequences on how ecosystems function.

US Wind & UMCES launch offshore wind research partnership

March 30, 2022
Baltimore-based US Wind, Inc. announced $11 million in funding over eight years to the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science for three research projects aimed at understanding the potential effects of offshore wind development on marine mammals, fish, and birds.