Vic Kennedy


Vic Kennedy

Professor Emeritus
Vic Kennedy
Professor Emeritus
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory


Dr. Kennedy is a Professor Emeritus at Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. For 38 years, he performed ecological research in Chesapeake Bay and taught graduate students at Horn Point Laboratory before joining CBL. He has published numerous scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on invertebrate and fish biology.

He was a co-editor of a book summarizing our extensive knowledge of oysters and another on blue crabs. He and Dr. Willem Roosenburg edited a book on Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin, published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2018  Most recently he had edited a book with Dr. Brian Beal on The Soft-Shell Clam Mya arenaria: Biology, Fisheries, and Management, published in 2023 by The American Fisheries Society.

Dr. Kennedy seeks to understand and describe the environmental history of Chesapeake Bay so that readers can appreciate how resource-rich the Bay was when Europeans arrived and how it has been over-exploited since the 19th Century. To that end, he has written Shifting Baselines in the Chesapeake Bay, published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2018, to describe his findings

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental history of fisheries and ecology.
  • Global climate change.
  • Reproduction and larval behavior and ecology of bivalves.
  • Crab and fish foraging behavior.
  • Ecology of littoral and sublittoral benthic communities.


  • 1962 B.Sc. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Zoology.
  • 1964 M.Sc. Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Fisheries Biology.
  • 1970 Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, U.S.A. Ecology.

Recent Publications

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