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Zeiss AxioImager

The Zeiss Axio Imager 2 Research Microscope is our newest and most powerful fluorescent microscope. This instrument, coupled with the Zeiss ZEN image processing software, produces the highest quality images of cells and other microscopic structures.  In addition to imaging individual structures and making qualitative observations of individual cells, we are also able to observe whole communities of microbes (very small bacteria and archaea), distinguish strain morphologies and follow community growth.  This microscope is also used for our FISH techniques including CARD-FISH (catalyzed auto-reporter deposition) and soon MAR-FISH (microautoradiography).  Our Lumen Dynamics X-Cite 120Q light source (a 120W mercury vapor short arc lamp) minimizes photobleaching while transferring virtually no heat or vibrations to the microscope.  The black and white CCD camera was selected specifically for imaging cells with dim fluorescence.

The Axio Imager is also outfitted with the 'ApoTome.2' system, which allows for structured visualization of separate optical sections (in the Z-axis), free of scattered light with ultra high resolutions.  With the ApoTome.2, multiple fluorescent channels can be integrated simultaneously into a single image to distinguish between cells or cell structures of desire.  With increased resolution in the Z direction, 3D renderings of thick specimens can be produced by layering images in a user-defined 3D region.  Using a unique 3-grid beam interference aperture and algorithm, the ApoTome.2 eliminates unresolved scattered light from all images.

For additional information including manuals, manufacturer links, protocols and publications, see our resources page.  To see images captured by this microscope, see the gallery.

Equipment Specifications:        
  LIGHT SOURCE:   Lumen Dynamics X-Cite Series 120Q   
  CAMERA:   Photometrics CoolSnap HQ2    
  OBJECTIVES:   100x oil, 63x oil, 40x, 20x    
  ATTACHMENT(S):   ApoTome.2, VIBe isolation platform    
  COMPUTER:   Dell Z820 Workstation    
  SOFTWARE:   Zen 2012      
Filter Cube Specifications: Click a row for detailed information about each filter set, and a list of compatible dyes!        
  17 BP 485/20 FT 510 BP 515-565 CHL A  
  38 HE BP 470/40 (HE) FT 495 (HE) BP 525/50 (HE) FITC  
  43 BP 545/25 FT 570 BP 605/70 Cy3  
  49 G 365 FT 395 BP 445/50 DAPI  
  50 BP 640/30 FT 660 BP 690/50 Cy5  
HE = High Efficiency