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Zeiss AxioPhot Fluorescent Microscope

Our other large Zeiss epifluorescent microscope is the Zeiss Axiophot. In addition to fluorescence microscopy, this microscope is also used for phase contrast and differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy.  Though it is an older scope, it was recently outfitted with a modern digital Zeiss AxioCam MR camera and utilizes the same Zen software as the new Axio Imager 2. Phase contrast and DIC microscopy allow for observation of unstained, live cells and structures. For fluorescent microscopy, this microscope utilizes a Zeiss XBO 75 (75W xenon arc lamp) and HBO 100 (100W mercury arc lamp).

For additional information including manuals, manufacturer links, protocols and publications, see our resources page.  To see images captured by this microscope, see the gallery.

Equipment Specifications:      
  LIGHT SOURCE:   Zeiss XBO-75/HBO-100  
  CAMERA:   Zeiss AxioCam MR  
  OBJECTIVES:   100x oil, 63x oil, 40x Ph1, 10x Ph2
  ATTACHMENT(S):   Phase Contrast and DIC capabilities
  COMPUTER:   Dell Optiplex 7010    
  SOFTWARE:   Zen 2012    
Filter Cube Specifications:      
  02 G 365 FT 395 LP 420  
  05 BP 395-440 FT 460 LP 470  
  09 BP 450-490 FT 510 LP 515  
  15 BP 546/12 FT 580 LP 590  
  38 BP 470/40 FT 495 BP 525/50  

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