Cell Analysis Center

Zeiss AxioVert A1 Fluorescent Microscope

The Zeiss AxioVert A1 Inverted Microscope is our smallest Zeiss microscope and is ideal for taking out into the field.  A custom travel case for this scope facilitates safe transport to and from research cruises.  In the lab, this microscope makes visualizing live cells quick and easy using phase contrast microscopy, and images can be taken and saved in real time on the users laptop with the correct software.  This microscope is used primarily for viewing protists and eukaryotic algae.  The Zeiss AxioCam ERc5s can store photos directly from the microscope onto an SD card or computer.

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Equipment Specifications:      
  LIGHT SOURCE:   Lumen Dynamics X-Cite Series 120Q 
  CAMERA:   Zeiss AxioCam ERc5s  
  OBJECTIVES:   40x Ph2, 20x Ph2, 10x Ph1, 5x Ph1
Filter Cube Specifications:      
  16 BP 485/20 FT 510 LP 515  
  49 G 365 FT 395 BP 445/50