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Horn Point Laboratory Analytical Services

The Horn Point Analytical Services Laboratory provides a wide range of water quality analyses for investigators from the University System of Maryland and around the world. All analyses follow strict QA/QC procedures. Details on methodology and equipment are available upon request. If you have special needs for analyses (e.g. fast turn around) in addition to those listed below, please contact us. The Analytical Services personnel can also assist in providing supplies and equipment for field sampling and collection. Please ask about all your sampling and analytical needs.

Pricing available upon request            Requisition form for use with sample analyses.

"Due to CoVID backlog HPL is not accepting any nutrient samples for analyses from any new customers until further notice. Please contact UMCES CBL for nutrient analyses: Jerry Frank (

Pigment Analyses Nutrient Analyses

Pigment analyses by HPLC
Chlorophylls a,b,c
Full suite of carotenoids, xanthophylls, and chlorophylls

HPLC Methodology upon request.

Pigment Analyses by fluorometry
Chlorophyll a

Please contact Meg Maddox at


Dissolved (fresh, brackish, or seawater samples)
Nitrate and nitrite
Total nitrogen (filtered or unfiltered)
Total phosphorus (filtered or unfiltered)

Nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus
Total Suspended Solids