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Principal Investigator, Ming Li is a Professor at Horn Point Lab, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Dr. Li’s research spans several areas in oceanography, including estuarine and coastal dynamics, sea level rise, storm surge, air-sea interaction, and turbulent mixing processes. He is also actively engaged in interdisciplinary research to address pressing environmental problems such as hypoxia, ocean acidification, and harmful algal blooms. A major focus of Dr. Li’s current research is the regional impact of climate change and extreme weather events on estuaries and coastal oceans.

Co-Principal Investigator, Mark Lubell is a Professor and Director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior at the University of California, Davis. He has conducted extensive research on climate change adaptation, governance, social science, decision making, and risk analysis.  

Co-Principal Investigator,  Allison Reilly is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research interests span several areas, including risk and resilience, disaster policy, and decision science.

Senior Investigator,  Dave Ralston is an Associate Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He has done ground-breaking work on coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, including his recent findings on long term changes in the Hudson River estuary.

Senior Investigator,  Michael Paolisso is a Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland, College Park. He has many years of research experience in studying coastal resilience, cultural knowledge, and adaptation in coastal communities, particularly among underserved communities including African Americans and rural poor.

Senior Investigator, Stefan Talke is an Associate Professor at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. He has conducted cutting-edge research on long-term coastal sea level changes around the U.S.

Senior Investigator, Cindy Palinkas is an Associate Professor at UMCES Horn Point Lab. Her research expertise includes sediment-plant interactions in tidal marshes and living shorelines.

William Nardin

Senior Investigator, William Nardin is an Assistant Professor at UMCES Horn Point Lab. He has conducted ecogeomorphological modeling for coastal regions around the world.   

Co-Principal Investigator, Mark Stacey is the Henry & Joyce Miedema Professor and Chair at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of California, Berkeley. He is a leader in estuarine physics research and has conducted extensive research on climate change and environmental disruption of infrastructure systems in San Francisco Bay and elsewhere.

Co-Principal Investigator, Philip Orton is a Research Assistant Professor of Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. He has used models to predict storm surge and inundation in Hudson River and NY Harbor, and has worked with NYC in drafting coastal resiliency policy.

Senior Investigator, Changsheng Chen is the Montgomery Charter Chair Professor at the School for Marine Science and Technology, the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He is the original developer of the widely-used ocean model FVCOM, and has been instrumental in developing an ocean forecasting system for the U.S. Northeast, in collaboration with NOAA.