Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Nabi Allahdadi

Visiting Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Coastal Science

Bill Boicourt

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanographic processes, continental shelf, and estuarine circulation
Coastal Science ~ 1303C

Nazanin Chaichitehrani

Associate Research Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Coastal Science ~ 1301C

Shenn-Yu Chao

Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanography, continental shelf and slope circulation, western boundary currents, numerical modeling of ocean circulation processes
Coastal Science ~ 1211C
Lou Codispoti

Lou Codispoti

Visiting Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Arctic Ocean processes, nutrient and carbon budgets, descriptive physical oceanography, coastal upwelling, and chemical oceanographic instrumentation

Victoria Coles

Associate Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Climate variability and change, observations and modeling of ocean and estuarine ecology, biogeochemistry and circulation
Coastal Science ~ 1303B

Corinne Corbau

Visiting Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Morris Marine ~ 150

Jeffrey Cornwell

Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Biogeochemistry; nutrient, metal, and sulfur cycling in estuaries and coastal wetlands

Jacob Cram

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, mechanistic and statistical modelling