Dolphin sightings in the Bay

Thank you for reporting your dolphin sightings!

Dolphin sightings reported by month on the DolphinWatch web-based app.

We were amazed by how many sightings we had this year.

Over 900 sightings were reported because our tracker—Chesapeake Dolphin Watch—was launched in late June 2017. Bottlenose dolphins occurred throughout the Bay, including in many rivers and creeks. Sightings peaked in June to August and then became more southerly during the autumn.

Thank you supporting this research. We look forward to learning more in 2018!

Verified sightings mapped

Dr. Helen Bailey and her Chesapeake DolphinWatch team compiled the results of all your sightings of dolphins in Chesapeake Bay. Watch the results.

Citizen Scientist Portfolio: Your photos & videos

Dana Scanlon captured this video as dolphins surrounded her boat in Chesapeake Bay.
Citizen scientist Robin Smith got a surprise when out of a pod of dolphins, one jumps out of the water.
Nicholas Wiskerchen captured a video of a pod of dolphins swimming alongside his boat in Chesapeake Bay.
Photo by Carolyn Wilson
Photo by Kevin MacDonald
Trevor Strand captured a unique point of view of dolphins in Chesapeake Bay.
Dolphins join Ken Vinson for a quiet moment on the water in Chesapeake Bay.
Photo By Dennis DePriest
Photo by Chris Bache
Photo by Philip Yunger
Photo by Tania Richardson Remaly
Photo by Chris Moe