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IMET Seminar: Brice Phillips (Director Club Store Sales, Phillips Foods)

February 18, 2020 3:00pm iCal Google Calendar

Title: Protecting the World’s Food Supply Derived from Marine Sources

Speaker: Brice Phillips (Director Club Store Sales, Phillips Foods)

Abstract: Brice Phillips of Phillips Foods will discuss with you what he believes to be the dominant threats to world food supplies over the next several generations.  He will discuss reductions in Ocean Biomass over time, the effect Climate Change will have on global fisheries, how Aquaculture will be one of the major solutions to feeding a growing global population, and he’ll even tiptoe into controversial subjects like Genetic Modification and Cultured Protein production.  He’ll also discuss the increasing mass of microplastics in our water supplies, and what that could mean for human health.  A robust, honest and engaging discussion will follow, and Brice will leave you with a “Call to Action” on how you can help be part of a global solution.

Host: Sustainability Committee