A statement from President Peter Goodwin on UMCES’ commitment to diversity

Virtual IMET Seminar: Dr. Carolyn Friedman (UW) and Dr. Colleen Burge (UMBC-IMET)

July 15, 2020 3:00pm to 4:00pm iCal Google Calendar

Women In Science Seminar featuring our own Dr. Colleen Burge (Assistant Professor, UMBC-IMET) and Dr. Carolyn Friedman (Professor, University of Washington)

"Untangling host pathogen relationships in California abalones" - Dr. Carolyn Friedman (Professor, University of Washington) 

"Gone viral, the global emergence of an oyster-killing virus and its potential impacts on the shellfish industry" - Dr. Colleen Burge (Assistant Professor, UMBC-IMET)