Opening young minds to career possibilities in marine science

April 26, 2022
Ten students from the Horn Point Lab visited South Dorchester High School to share their stories of how they came to pursue a career in marine science. Talking with science classes in grades 9-12, HPL students shared their wide array of scientific interests and how they hope to have a positive impact with their careers.

Growing oxygen deficient zones absorb carbon into the deep ocean

February 8, 2022
Scientists have discovered that parts of the ocean with no oxygen are more efficient at absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a key part of the Earth’s carbon cycle.

New study tracks microplastics in watershed

January 5, 2022
This two-year project will study the fate and transport of microplastics, providing a baseline of understanding of what kind of plastics exist in the waterway and how they move through coastal systems

Horn Point Laboratory scientists journey to Thailand to collaborate on global stressors to marine ecosystems

December 16, 2021
Despite widely different climate, the waters of southern Thailand and the Chesapeake Bay experience similar climate and human stressors. Dr’s Coles and Hood will spend six months collaborating with Thai colleagues building relations to advance our understanding of the global impacts of human induced stressors and ocean acidification.

Update from the Gulf of Mexico on Harmful Algal Blooms

December 15, 2021
Professor Pat Glibert and her students took to the seas in the Gulf of Mexico for 10 days collecting samples to understand more about red tides and what makes some dissipate while others become massive.