Appalachian Laboratory awards 2019 Richard A. Johnson Award to Craig Hartsock

May 17, 2019
The Appalachian Laboratory recently awarded Craig Hartsock the 2019 Richard A. Johnson Environmental Education Award for his contributions to environmental education in Allegany and Garrett Counties.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

May 16, 2019
This is the third and final blog in a short series of posts reflecting on professional development workshops that I recently attended at the University of Maryland Teaching & Learning Transformation Center (TLTC). In this blog, I will reflect on two workshops that I attended over the past few months, which both focused on different aspects of teaching with technology.

32 days on the Indian Ocean exploring climate change

May 13, 2019
UMCES professor and biological oceanographer Raleigh Hood will be among the 40 marine scientists and technicians from 18 institutions who will spend 32 days at sea on this second International Indian Ocean Expedition.

The Second Verde River Report Card Workshop

May 9, 2019
The Verde River flows through north-central Arizona and is a primary water source for Phoenix. As it works its way down from its headwaters in the Big and Little Chino Basins, the Verde provides excellent habitat for a wide array of plants and animals. Water from the river also supports small-scale agriculture, well-watered lawns, and accessible groundwater for communities.

IMET 2018 Annual Report

May 3, 2019
IMET had another great year during 2018! Many of our successes stem from our supportive community of collaborators, donors, and members of the public.