Ratcliffe Environmental Entrepreneurs Fellowship sets up students for success in business

June 9, 2020
Each year, two awards are presented to graduate students following the completion of the Ratcliffe Environmental Entrepreneurs Fellowship. This year, Lauren Jonas won for “Best Product” for Probeeotic, a dry probiotic spray to help the immune systems of bees. Morgan Ross won “Best Presentation” for her work to develop a wearable toxin sensor for Brevetoxin aerosols.

Next Generation: Hunter Hughes on reconstructing past climate with coral skeletons

June 2, 2020
My research looks at how we use the chemistry of coral skeletons to reconstruct past climate. We can use corals to reconstruct historical temperature data, using the chemical composition of corals and the chemistry of the sea water surrounding them.

Mike Wilberg earns award for science and communication on oyster management

June 1, 2020
Professor Michael Wilberg was awarded the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s President’s Award for Excellence in Application of Science for his ongoing and impactful efforts on the science and outstanding communication of oyster management with stakeholders, partners, and policymakers.

Janet Barnes receives inaugural President’s Award for Outstanding Research Support

June 1, 2020
Senior Faculty Research Assistant Janet Barnes was given the inaugural President’s Award for Outstanding Research Support at this year’s Commencement ceremony. The award represents an honor bestowed by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) to recognize professional achievements of faculty research assistants.

A statement from President Goodwin on UMCES’ commitment to diversity

June 1, 2020
These disturbing times challenge us to reflect on our values to ensure that there is no place for any form of racism or discrimination in our institution and to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring diversity of all kinds within all facets of our enterprise. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.