Appalachian Laboratory


Water Chemistry Analytical Laboratory

Current Members

Katie Kline, Lab Manager

Katie has been managing Water Chemistry Laboratory since 1994. Please direct any questions about submitting samples for analysis or other inquiries to Katie:

Katie Kline, Water Chemistry Lab Manager
UMCES - Appalachian Laboratory
301 Braddock Road

Jim Garlitz, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Jim has been working in the Water Chemistry Laboratory for more than 15 years.  He runs most of our nutrient analysis on our Lachat Flow Injection Colorimetry Systems and is also responsible for running our Carbon analyzer.

Briana Rice, Faculty Research Assistant

Briana has been at AL since 2013.  She is primarily responsible for analysis of anions by Ion Chromatograpy and trace metals by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry.  

Joe Acord, Laboratory Assistant

While pursuing a Masters' degree, Joe also helps out part-time in the lab with sample processing and wet chemistry.

Nancy Castro, Laboratory Assistant

Nancy helps out with most of our wet chemistry analyses and also runs our Ion Chromatograph and Organic Carbon Analyzer.