Student Consumer Information

Information for students, families, and staff members required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act

UMCES education programs are administered through the Graduate Schools at the University of Maryland College Park, Frostburg State University, and University of Maryland Baltimore. Consequently, many student policies, programs, and services to which UMCES adheres are administered by those universities. UMCES also adheres to the systemwide policies of the University System of Maryland.

Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional Information 

General Institutional Information

Privacy of Student Records

UMD Policy and Procedures on the Disclosure of Student Education Records
UMD FAQ for Parents and Guardians
Student Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

UMD Counseling

Graduate Programs

Graduate Foundation Areas 

Instructional Facilities

UMCES Facilities Administration


Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

Copyright Infringement—Policies and Sanctions (includes computer use and file sharing)

USM Policy on Copyrights
USM Policy on Intellectual Property
UMCES Policy on Student Authorship
UMCES Computer Use Policy
UMCP Procedures on Patent and Technology Transfer
UMCP File Sharing FAQs

Student Financial Assistance

Assistance Available from Federal, State, Local, and Institutional Programs

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Health and Safety:

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

UMD Alcohol and Other Drug Education
UMD Substance Use Intervention and Treatment
UMD Policy on Employee Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Inova Employee Assistance


Vaccination Policies
Immunization Record Form

Campus Security Policies

UMCES Campus Security
Appalachian Laboratory - Emergency Preparedness Plan
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory - Floor Plans and Evacuation Routes
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory - Active Shooter Plans
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory - Disaster Management Plan
Horn Point Laboratory - Emergency Preparedness Plan

Crime Statistics and Crime Log

Maryland Registered Sex Offenders

Fire Safety Policies

Appalachian Laboratory
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Horn Point Laboratory

UMCES Student Outcomes

Retention Rate
Graduate Rates
Transfer-out Rates
Job Placement for Graduates
Job Placement Rates for Graduates
Graduate and Professional Education Placement for Graduates

Voter Registration

State of Maryland
U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Calvert County
St. Mary’s County