Workshop in Baltimore, Maryland - July 2013

This meeting brought together leaders from the Guanabara Bay and Chesapeake Bay regions to initiate ideas for protecting the Chesapeake and Guanabara Bays. These meetings focused on governance structure and role of NGO's and community groups in the restoration process, urban environmental challenges, public and private partnerships, the role of science in the environmental decision making process, and communication challenges and solutions of bay restoration to stakeholders.




Rio Delegation and Support Team



Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Chesapeake Bay Study Tour Agenda

Partnership Meeting of Guanabara Bay and Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore, Maryland

Monday, July 29th Meeting on Governance and Site Visits

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology

09:00-11:50: Governance Structure and Role of Watershed Organizations in Restoring Chesapeake Bay

09:00-09:05 Introductions of the Delegation

09:05-09:15 IMET Welcoming remarks

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Sowers, Associate Director, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology 

Resources:     Presentation  ~  IMET

09:15-09:50 Overview of Chesapeake Bay

Speaker: Dr. Don Boesch, President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Resources:     Presentation  ~  UMCES

09:50-10:30 Role of the Federal Government

Speaker: Greg Barranco, U.S. EPA Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP)

Resources:     Presentation  ~  US EPA CBP

10:30-11:10 Role of State Government

Speaker: Joseph Gill, Secretary, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Resources:     Presentation  ~  Maryland DNR

11:10-11:50 Role of Watershed Organizations

Speaker: Erik Michelsen, Executive Director, South River Federation

Resources:     Presentation  ~  South River Federation

12:00-13:10 Water Tour of Harbor: Meet at vessel ENDEAVOR at Aquarium Dock

13:15-14:00 Port Dredging, Management and Facilities Tour

13:15-14:00 Dredge Material Management Program

Speaker: Kathy Broadwater, Deputy Executive Director, Maryland Port Authority

Resources:     Presentation   ~  Maryland Port Authority

14:00-15:00 Masonville Cove Dredge Material Containment Facility and Environmental Education Center

Tuesday, July 30th Meetings on Urban Environmental Challenges, Role of NGO’s Applying Principles of Adaptive Management, and Skipjack Tour

Maryland Environmental Service

09:00-11:45 Urban Environmental Challenges and Role of NGO’s

09:00-10:00 Management of Wastewater and Stormwater

Speaker: Dr. Bob Summers, Secretary, Maryland Department of the Environment: Wastewater and Stormwater

Resources:     Presentation ~ Maryland Department of Environment 

10:00-11:00 Solid Waste Management

Speaker:  Jim Harkins, Director Maryland Environmental Service: Solid Waste

Resources:     Presentation ~ Maryland Environmental Service

11:00-11:45 Role of NGO’s

Speaker: Alison Prost, Executive Director, Maryland Office Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Resources:     Presentation ~ Maryland Chesapeake Bay Foundation

13:30-17:00 The Role of Science in the Environmental Decision Making Process

 13:30-15:00 Observe BayStat Meeting

15:30-16:10 Monitoring and Modeling Water Quality

Speaker: Bruce Michael, Director, Resource Assessment Service, DNR

Resources:     Presentation  ~  Resource Assessment Service 

16:10-16:50 Communicating Scientific Information

Speaker: Dr. Bill Dennison, Vice President for Science Applications, UMCES, Director of IAN

Resources:     Presentation  ~  Integration & Application Network (IAN)

17:45-19:00 CBF Skipjack Tour and Discussion of Fisheries Issues

Wednesday, July 31st Public-Private Partnership, Communications, Tour of a Waste Water Facility and Partnership Planning

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology

09:00-09:45 Public-Private Partnerships

 Speaker: Adam Lindquist, Waterfront Partnership

Resources:     Presentation  ~  Waterfront Partnership

9:45-11:45 Panel on Communicating the Challenges and Solutions of Bay Restoration to a Broad Audience


 Samantha Kappalman, Director of Strategic Communications and Social Media, MDE

 Resources:     Presentation  ~  MDE

 Rona Kobell, Staff Writer, Bay Journal

 Resources:     Presentation  ~  Bay Journal 

 Catherine Krikstan, Web Writer and Social Media Manager, CBP

 Resources:     Presentation  ~  CBP

 Amy Pelsinsky, Director of Public Relations, UMCES

 Resources:     Presentation ~ UMCES

 Tom Zolper, Maryland Communications Coordinator, CBF

 Resources:     Presentation  ~  CBF

12:45-14:30 Guanabara Bay – Chesapeake Bay Planning and Next Steps

 Speaker: Jane Nishida, Director, Office of Regional and Bilateral Affairs USEPA

15:30-17:30 Tour of Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Speaker: Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Baltimore Department of Public Works

Resources:     Presentation  ~  Bureau of Water and Wastewater

Rio Delegation and Support Team

Ms. Marilene Ramos – President of INEA – Rio de Janeiro State Environmental Institute

Mr. Gelson Serva – Executive Coordinator of PSAM/SEA – Guanabara Bay Environmental Sanitation Program / Rio de Janeiro State Environment Secretary

Mr. Axel Grael – Niteroi (City) Vice Mayor

Mr. Zilto Bernardi – São João de Meriti (City) Municipal Environmental Secretary  

Mr. Márcio Santa Rosa – Environmental Technical Consultant of PSAM

Ms. Jane Nishida - Director, Office of Regional and Bilateral Affairs USEPA

Mr. Fernando Bretas – IDB Consultant

Dr. Bob Summers - Secretary, Maryland Department of the Environment: Wastewater and Stormwater

Mr. Bruce Michael - Director, Resource Assessment Service, DNR

Mr. Dave Nemazie - Associate Vice President for External Affairs, UMCES