Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Services & Tools

Campus Facilities

The Chesapeake Biological Laboratory is comprised of several buildings located at the southern tip of Solomons Island. Learn more about our facilities and research capabilities.


Environmental Statistics Collaborative

A clearinghouse for environmental measurements, the Environmental Statistics Collaborative provides state-of-the-art education in environmental statistics to UMCES graduate students, provides research expertise to faculty researchers, and offers consulting services to partners in the scientific and natural resource management community.


Library Resources

The campus library provides services to all UMCES research locations. Patrons can download journal articles and access research information through our partner institutions.


Nutrient Analytical Services Laboratory

The Nutrient Analytical Services Laboratory provides analytical support to researchers of the University of Maryland, state and federal agencies, and private sector in water column chemistry, particulate and sediments, and other chemistries.


Stable Isotope Lab

The Stable Isotope Laboratory at CBL gives UMCES student and faculty, as well as outside collaborators the opportunity to analyze a variety of light stable isotopes in gas form (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen). Education is a strong priority for the lab, and students can learn analytical methods pertinent to their research, from sample preparation to data analysis and interpretation.