Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Nutrient Analytical Services Laboratory

The Nutrient Analytical Services Laboratory (NASL) is a nationally-accredited laboratory and a national center of excellence in nutrient chemistry. We are part of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (UMCES-CBL), located in Solomons Maryland.

NASL specializes in determining nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon, chlorophyll, and silica concentrations in natural waters, sediments, and the tissues of plants and animals. Nutrient chemistry provides researchers, managers, and citizens insight into ecological processes, informs mitigation and restoration options, and assesses overall environmental health.

Originated to serve researchers in UMCES and the early efforts of the Chesapeake Bay Program, NASL is especially suited to analyze samples across wide salinity and concentration ranges, with experience processing samples from oligotrophic lakes to hyper-saline lagoons. Our client base is global, so we have encountered samples from most environments.

National Environmental Laboratory Certification (NELAC) was obtained from the State of New York DOH, and Florida State DOH in 2017 for select parameters. Retention of these credentials requires bi-annual on-site audits, annual internal audits, and successful semiannual completion of proficiency test (PT) samples.

  • New York Dept. of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) PT Program (bi-annual), LAB#12066
  • ERA Proficiency Testing and Certified Reference Material Program

Description of additional performance indicators and quality assurance metrics are referenced on our methods page.

The video below explains our work and its contributions to monitoring water quality conditions in Chesapeake Bay.

Monitoring water quality in Chesapeake Bay