Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Shenn-Yu Chao

Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanography, continental shelf and slope circulation, western boundary currents, numerical modeling of ocean circulation processes
Coastal Science ~ 1211C

Feng Chen

Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Marine microbial ecology, microbial oceanography and biogeography, microbial diversity, genomics, functional genomics, clean green biotechnology
Columbus Center - 4070

Ray Cho

Director of Facilities Administration
Center Administration
Capital programming and budgeting, campus master planning, space planning, and facilities renewal budgeting
Center Administration

J. Sook Chung

Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Neuroendocrine regulation on crustacean physiology of molting, growth, reproduction, sex differentiation, and stress responses
Columbus Center - 4044

Jennifer Clapper

Program Administrative Specialist
Integration & Application Network
Jenna Clark

Jenna Clark

Program Specialist
Maryland Sea Grant College

Blake Clark

Graduate Research Assistant
Horn Point Laboratory
Estuarine and coastal ocean organic carbon cycling
Coastal Science ~ 1211

Cheryl Clark

Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Mark Cochrane

Appalachian Laboratory
Earth systems science, wildland fire, climate change, ecology, land cover change, remote sensing