Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Tyler Flockhart

Adjunct Faculty
Appalachian Laboratory
Population ecology, conservation biology under global change, animal behavior, optimal decision-making, wildlife management

Kurt Florez

Chief Information Officer
Center Administration
Horn Point Laboratory

Mindy Forsyth

Faculty Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Jerry Frank

Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Adam Frederick

Adam Frederick

Assistant Director for Education
Maryland Sea Grant College

Ben Frey

Graduate Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Cronin Laboratory

Alexandra Fries

Project Manager
Integration & Application Network
Science communication, ecosystem report cards, project management, marine biology, climate change, ecosystem science and conservation, water quality

Clara Fuchsman

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Biogeochemical cycles, microbial ecology, and sinking particles. Particularly in anoxic environments such Oxygen Minimum Zones.

Daniel Fucich

Graduate Research Assistant
Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Ph.D Student, MEES Graduate Program
Columbus Center - 4070