Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Keith Eshleman

Appalachian Laboratory
Hydrology, watershed ecology, biogeochemistry of freshwater and groundwater

Danny Filer

Research Coordinator, Chesapeake Watershed CESU
Appalachian Laboratory

Solange Filoso

Associate Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Biogeochemistry, freshwater ecosystems, urban streams, stream restoration, watershed science

Tom Fisher

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Terrestrial and atmospheric nutrient inputs, nutrient cycling and limitation, primary production of aquatic systems
Coastal Science ~ 1301B - 1301C

Matt Fitzpatrick

Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Spatial modeling, quantitative ecology, biogeography, macroecology, biodiversity, climate change, biological invasions

Tyler Flockhart

Adjunct Faculty
Appalachian Laboratory
Population ecology, conservation biology under global change, animal behavior, optimal decision-making, wildlife management

Clara Fuchsman

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Biogeochemical cycles, microbial ecology, and sinking particles. Particularly in anoxic environments such Oxygen Minimum Zones.

Robert Gardner

Professor Emeritus
Appalachian Laboratory
Landscape ecology, modeling and predicting dynamics of large ecosystems, ecological risk assessment

J. Edward Gates

Professor Emeritus
Appalachian Laboratory
Wildlife and conservation ecology and management