Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates:
Classes begin online only March 30; teleworking continues until further notice; all events cancelled.

Horn Point Laboratory

Services & Tools

Analytical Services Laboratory

The Analytical Services Laboratory provides a wide range of water quality analyses for investigators from the University System of Maryland and around the world. All analyses follow strict QA/QC procedures.


Cell Analysis Center

The Cell Analysis Center uses optics to study aquatic microorganisms, using microscopy (fluorescence and phase contrast) and flow cytometry. Research focuses on the study of aquatic algaes, planktonic species, and bacteria and archaea to constrain their respective roles in nutrient cycling and global ecology.


Library Resources

The Library provides services to all UMCES research locations. Patrons can download journal articles and access research information through our partner institutions.


Raman Microscope

An XploRA confocal Raman microscope by Horiba Jobin Yvon, Inc., is available for open use at minimal cost.


Horn Point Widgeon Pavilion

The Widgeon Pavilion is available for use for meetings, retreats and picnics during the day and early evening by community non-profits, civic groups, local government and university groups.