Maryland-Iowa Clean Water Dialogue

UMCES visits Hawkeye State, April 12-14, 2015

Scientists from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (Dave Nemazie and Sarah Lane) and Aqua Terra Science (Dr. Tom Simpson) were invited to Iowa from April 13-14 to discuss the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort. In this two-day period they met and gave presentations to scientists at Iowa State University, advocacy organizations, state elected officials, Measures of Success Committee of the state Water Resources Coordinating Council, and a public lecture at Drake University Agricultural Law Center. 

Below are presentations and additional resources.


New Insights: Science-based evidence of water quality improvements, challenges, and opportunities in the Chesapeake

Chesapeake Bay Report Card

America’s Watershed Initiative Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

Source Legislation

Critical Areas Law (1984), Critical Areas Commision – protection of shorelines (revised in 2008)

Phosphate Laundry Detergent Ban (1988) – reduced phosphorous loads

Water Quality Improvement Act (1998) – nutrient management on farms

Bay Restoration Fund (2005), Bay Restoration Fund MDE Website – primarily for waste water treatment plant upgrades, also funds cover crops and septic upgrades

Water Resources Element of Comprehensive Plans (2006) – ensure water and sewer capacity available for growth

Chesapeake Bay 2010 Trust Fund (2008) – reduce non-point sources of pollution, Chesapeake and Coastal Bays Trust Fund


Chesapeake Bay Program


Eyes on the Bay

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