Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Speakers Bureau

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory has a variety of faculty conducting research that is of interest to everyone, and our lab has a list of faculty interested in presenting at community events or for civic organizations about their research. If your organization would like to have one of our faculty as a speaker for their event, please contact that person directly.

Faculty Topic
Helen Bailey Maryland's Marine Mammals;
Whales and Wind Farms
Hongsheng Bi Forage Fish in the Patuxent River Watershed
Michael Gonsior Disinfection By-Products: What is in our drinking water?
Jackie Grebmeier How North America's Arctic Ecosystems are Responding to Sea Loss
Lora Harris Oysters & Water Quality: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts;
Optimizing Estuaries for Water Quality Restoration
Hali Kilbourne Climate Change: Putting Today's Changes in the Context of Earth's History;
Sea Level Rise and the Chesapeake Bay
Laura Lapham Methane in Aquatic Systems
Dong Liang Statistical Perspectives: The Missing Blue Crabs
Vyacheslav Lyubchich Statistical Assessment of Climate Trends, Their Synchronization, and Impacts
Thomas Miller Beautiful Swimmers: The Ecology and Fishery for Blue Crab;
Truitt's Legacy: How Our Understanding of the Chesapeake has changed over 90 years
Carys Mitchelmore Aquatic Toxicology: Pollution Impacts on Aquatic Organisms;
Fishy Forensics: How Aquatic Organisms Tell Us the Health of Their Habitat;
Oil Spills and Oil Spill Chemical Dispersants: The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?
Christopher Rowe Fear for the Turtle? Terrapins, Climate Change, and Sea Level Rise
David Secor Maryland's Striped Bass and other Marine Fishes
Jeremy Testa Tales from the Dead Zone: What Controls Low-Oxygen Water and Why does it Matter?
Lisa Wainger The Economic Benefits of Environmental Policies
Ryan Woodland Chesapeake Bay Food Webs: Who Eats Whom and Why Do We Care?