Team Member
Area of Expertise
Contact Information

Lawrence Sanford

Vice President for Education and Professor
Center Administration
Horn Point Laboratory
Estuarine and coastal physical oceanography, fine sediment transport, boundary layers and turbulence, interdisciplinary processes in shallow water
Coastal Science ~ 1301C

Johan Schijf

Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Aqueous biogeochemistry of trace metals

Eric Schott

Associate Research Professor
Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Application of genome-targeted approaches in aquatic health
Columbus Center - 5043

David Secor

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Migration and population ecology of marine fishes, telemetry and analytical techniques for tracking fish movements, fisheries and protected species

Chunqi Shen

Assistant Research Scientist
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Numerical Modelling, physical-biological interactions, biogeochemistry modelling, water resource engineering

Greg Silsbe

Assistant Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Phytoplankton physiology, bio-optical instrumentation and remote-sensing, tropical limnology
Coastal Science ~ 1201C

Lorie Staver

Associate Research Scientist
Horn Point Laboratory
Environmental science, wetland ecology, restoration ecology

Court Stevenson

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Ecology of marsh and seagrass systems, including nitrogen cycling and productivity mechanisms; effect of sea-level rise on coastal ecosystems

Diane Stoecker

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Biological oceanography and plankton ecology, microzooplankton, mixotrophy (alternate modes of nutrition) in plankton